• Can this really be used before birth?

Yes, babies can hear in the womb even though it would sound muffled.

  • Will my baby speak Spanish after listening to this CD?

We wish it was that easy.  This CD is just to get you and your baby started.

  • Can this harm my baby?

No.  Listening to the CD will not harm your baby.  It is pressurizing and negativity that may harm your baby’s progress.

  • How often should I play the CD?

Try to play it daily, gradually reducing the frequency after 6 months old.

  • What else can I do to help?
    • Use as many of the Spanish words as you can.  Ask friends and relatives to do the same.  Buy DVD’s in Spanish ready for when they are older.
    • Surround them with other Spanish CD’s so they become familiar with its sound and flow.
    • Find a Spanish speaking family to help you.